How To

Ideabiz Dashboard

  • First you have to select the name of the application you created. Names of all applications created will appear on the sidebar.
  • To change SMS settings, select the “SMS” tab. You will also be allowed to select a broadcast mode (Complete broadcast, MSISDN broadcast and Group broadcast) and enter a broadcast message.
  • Complete broadcast will allow you to send an SMS to all numbers, whereas MSISDN broadcast will allow you to send a message to only selected numbers and Group broadcast will allow you to send a message to numbers in a particular group. After providing necessary details you can confirm it as shown below.
  • After confirming, you will be able to see the added messages in “SMS History” section given below. You can also view logs and see SMS count history.
  • To add a new subscription, you can select the “Subscriptions” tab and add them according to groups. This allows you to create parent groups and sub groups. After creating groups, they will all be added to the “Subscription List”.
  • To add a new group, you can click on the “Group tab” and enter the relevant details. This enables you to add parent groups and sub groups (sub groups are groups which are created within a already made group). After “Create” button is clicked, you are asked to confirm the details entered.
  • After “Yes” is clicked, the entered groups will be displayed in the table given below under “Group List”. It also displays a list of groups with their respective MSISDNs.

Sign Up & Sign In

In this system a user is not given the ability to create admin accounts using an UI. To be an admin user of Ideaplug the user has to request for an account from the super admins. User can create new account or sign in using existing credentials

You can visit IdeaPlug from here

How to Create Ideaplug Admin Account

To get an admin account of Ideaplug the users have to follow the procedure given below,

  • Firstly the user should send an email to or requesting for an Ideaplug admin account. In this email you have to clearly mention the following details,

      * Reason for requesting the admin account
      * Your business purpose
      * Contact details 
  • Once the request is sent one of the super admins will get back to you relevant information.
  • Finally, the credentials of the new account will be shared with you via an email.

How to create an Ideabiz Application

You can follow the documentaion how to create the ideabiz application from here

How to create an Application on Ideaplug

The users can create Ideaplug apps with the use of either Ideamart or Ideabiz platform. In the future the users can also use any of the Telco APIs which will be integrated system.

  • After login into the system a user can create an application by selecting the Create New App tab in the sidebar navigation
  • When creating an App on Ideaplug a user will have to follow 4 steps. Each step will be explained under this topic.

    • Step 1 - App Config : This section will contain all the basic configurations of the app such as the app type , app category and most importantly the user can select the features he/she require in the app.
    • Step 2 – Platform Config: In step 2 the user can provide all the platform configurations. But before entering the details the user need to select the platform out of Ideamart or Ideabiz from the given drop down. The form will then be generated according to the relevant platform.
    • Step 3 - SMS Config: In SMS Config tab the system requires all the information related to the SMS sent out from the system. It is really important to know few key details of this form and how to receive the information in order to fill the form. In this form it is simple to fill the Keyword, Subscribe code and Unsubscribe Code fields. User can provide those details as their desire. But inorder to fill other fields following information will be usefull.

      • Mask: When a SMS is sent out from the application to a user other than showing the port number as the sender address the user can set a mask they prefer. But before putting the mask the user need to request a mask or get the approval for the relevant mask from Ideabiz super admin. For that the user can send an email to
      • MO port: Mobile Originated ports can be considered as the port where the SMS will be generated and sent to the endpoint users.
      • MO port: Mobile Originated ports can be considered as the port where the SMS will be generated and sent to the endpoint users. NOTE: in order to fill the filed number 2 and 3 user need to request for the ports manually via an email. (The request should be emailed to Super admin
    • Step4-Confirm Application: In the last step the page will show the entire configuration the user did so far throughout the step 1, 2 and 3. The user can look into the configurations and confirm the application. Once the app is submitted the user will be able to view the app he/she created in the left navigation bar.

Last updated on 20th Jan 2017