Welcome to IdeaBiz

Ideabiz is an online digital enablement API Platform provided by Dialog Axiata PLC, through which business entities can create applications using the given “API” toolkits or publish “API”s to enable use of other services Below outlines the steps you will follow to Consume APIs published in ideabiz


  1. Create your application and get it approved.(Please do not use special characters in the password)
  2. Subscribe for API's
  3. Select APIs as per your requirement.

          * Eg:     If you need to send or recieve SMS, subscribe to SMS api 
                  If you need to charge a user on-demand or as a rental, subscribe for payment API 
                  If you are only making a one time charge, Subscribe for pin payment or web payment API's
  4. Get your API subscriptions approved

  5. Get your API’s Configured

Last updated on 25th Apr 2018