Balance Check API (v3, v4)



The Dialog Balance Check API allows you to obtain the account balance information of a user. Balance check services are accessible via RESTful web services.


The following REST methods are available:

  • Obtaining the account balance information of a user.


Authorization API Calls
All API call requests to require Authorization headers. Please refer the Token Management ( documentation for Authorization.

Request Header

Authorization: Bearer [access token] 
Accept: application/json
Content-Type: application/json

Sample Request Header

Authorization: Bearer a92ba8hjgjhgjh3fa1609cabcd79
Accept: application/json
Content-Type: application/json

Encrypted MSISDN

Please refer Header Enrichment ( document for encrypted MSISDNs.

Balance Checking

This allows you to send an SMS from your Web application to one or more addresses (MSISDNs).


Please note that when you add an Encrypted MSISDN, you have to URL encode it again.

Sample URL (With URL encoded Encrypted Number)

(Refer the Header Enrichment ( document)

Before adding a Plain Number to the URL please omit "tel:+"

Sample URL (With Plain Number)


    "endUserId": "94766691500",
    "referenceCode": "DLG212005-1500564823863",
    "accountInfo": {
        "accountType": "PREPAID",
        "accountStatus": "Active",
        "creditLimit": 66.81,
        "balance": 66.81

Response Codes

200 – Success!
400 – Bad request; check the error message for details
401 – Authentication failure, check your authentication details
403 – Forbidden; please provide authentication credentials
404 – Not found: mistake in the host or path of the service URI
405 – Method not supported: for example you mistakenly used a HTTP GET instead of a POST
500 – The server encountered an unexpected condition. This could be wrong authentication details or limited user permission
503 – Server busy and service unavailable. Please retry the request.



Policy Exception

Message Id start withPL

Server Exception

Message Id start with SV

Exception Body

    "requestError": {
        "serviceException": {
            "messageId": "SVC0002",
            "text": " Invalid input value for message part %1",
            "variables": " clientCorrelator Value 12345"


HTTP Respose code 503

Fault Response Body

    "fault": {
        "code": "900800",
        "message": "Message Throttled Out",
        "description": "You have exceeded your quota"
Last updated on 28th Oct 2019