Header Enrichment

Once you provide your URL to us, we will enable header enrichment for your IP based on your requirement.

Encrypted MSISDN

This MSISDN is a unique identification of specific MSISDN. and its an alpha numeric string. but you can use it for charging and sms API's

when you're sending this MSISDN to us, please do as below

You will recieve 'msisdn' header to you application (in base64 format)

msisdn: dmwdovap66bFrvw=

Please base64 decode it, and you will get the MSISDN in the below format, proceed with the next step

msisdn: vl^]£÷¬á®À­ÿ

Please URL encode it, where the output value will look like below


In API Request Body

Please append etel:+9477- before the MSISDN in the API request body.

Your request MSISDN in body should look like this


In API Request URL

When you're appending the MSISDN to URL, Please URLEncode it "again"

First append urlencoded etel: to the prefix. (Dont append +), Then URL encode


Finally, the MSISDN in the API Request URL should look like below



Because of user privacy, we don't provide plain MSISDN for Header Enrichment feature

Reading header


$msisdn = $_SERVER['HTTP_MSISDN'];
$urlEncodedMsisdn = urlencode("9477-".base64_decode($msisdn));


//import java.net.URLEncoder;
//import javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest;

byte[] basedmsisdn = Base64.decodeBase64(request.getHeader("msisdn"));
String b64decriptedmsisdn = "";
b64decriptedmsisdn = new String(basedmsisdn,StandardCharsets.ISO_8859_1);

msisdn = "9477-" +b64decriptedmsisdn;
String urlEncodedValue = URLEncoder.encode(msisdn, "ISO-8859-1");

Dialog Mobile IP Block

Testing Header Enrichment

Please host bellow PHP file on your server and open it via HE enabled device

echo getenv('REMOTE_ADDR')."<br>";

    echo "NO MSISDN HEADER";
echo $_SERVER['HTTP_MSISDN']."<br>";
var_dump ($_SERVER['HTTP_MSISDN']);
echo "<br>";
echo urlencode ($_SERVER['HTTP_MSISDN'])."<br>";

Last updated on 24th Jul 2019