1. Unable to login to ideabiz.

        Enable cookies in the browser.
  2. How to verify REST-API calls?

         Use a rest client e.g.: postman to verify API calls
  3. How to refresh Access token?

     To request an access token send the refresh token ( ```base64Encode(<consumer key> : <consumer secret> )```) along with the server call. By doing this a new access token along with a refresh token will be send to the client.
     [Visit ideabiz docs!](http://docs.ideabiz.lk/en/Authorization/Authorization_v1)
     >Note: Based 64 encode key can be generated online.[Visit base64encode]( https://www.base64encode.org/)
  4. What are Consumer key, Consumer secret and Access token?

     * Consumer key is essentially the API key associated with the application. This key is what identifies the client.
     * Consumer secret is the client password that is used to authenticate with the authentication server.
     * Access token is what is issued to the client once the client successfully authenticates itself (using the consumer key & secret). This access token defines the privileges of the client (what data the client can and cannot access). Now every time the client wants to access the subscribed application services, the access token secret is sent with the access token.

  5. Some of the transactions are not executed.

       If the number of transactions per application created by user is greater than the count of transactions of all the subscribed APIs, then random set of transactions will be dropped.
  6. Does ideabiz support unlimited transactions for customer?

     Ideabiz does not support unlimited transactions for customers.
  7. What is the use of key word, in a subscribed API?

     It can be used to provide distinct services from a subscribed API.
  8. What is the difference between Production access token and base64Encode access token?

     Production access token is used for subscribed APIs.
     base64Encode token is the refresh token used to request a new access token.
  9. What is the use of Ideabiz - Token Generate?

       It is used to generate a new access token and Refresh token. The genrator simply calls the rest API.
       [Visit ideabiz docs!](https://ideabiz.lk/tools/)
  10. How to allow a specific domain?

       Enter the domain required in the Allowed Domains field. For example to allow a specific WAN enter WAN ip address [Visit wanip](http://wanip.info/)
  11. What is Tier and tpm?

     Tier represents the number of transactions and its unit is transactions per minute (tpm)
  12. How to verify user created application is approved by ideabiz?

     Check application status. I.e. Active. [Visit ideabiz docs!](http://docs.ideabiz.lk/en/Getting_Started/View_Applications)
  13. How to verify if the subscribed services are approved by ideabiz?

     The state of subscribed service should change from value **Subscription** to a value according to the agreement.
     [Visit ideabiz docs!](http://docs.ideabiz.lk/en/Getting_Started/View_Subscriptions)
  14. What is the number of APIs an application can subscribe?

         An application can subscribe minimum 1 and to any number of APIs.
  15. How to delete a created application?

     Go to **My Applications**. In the table below, delete application using the column **Actions**.
  16. How to remove a subscribed API?

     To remove subscribed APIs [Visit ideabiz docs!](https://www.ideabiz.lk/store/site/pages/subscriptions.jag)
  17. Once an application is created, how to change the number of Tier or update app information.

     An application cannot be updated from the Ideabiz UI. However tier (tpm) can be changed by an email request to ideabiz.
  18. What is header enrichment?

     It is a mechanism used to identify user phone number preserving his privacy. The phone number related to header enrichment is resolved in server side.
     [Visit ideabiz docs!](http://docs.ideabiz.lk/en/APIs/Header_Enrichment)
  19. Why do I get exception Access Token Expired?

         Once the application has subscribed to APIs user can generate **Access Token** by specifying **Token Validity** time. When the     specified time is reached and thereafter when an API request send with the same token **Access Token Expired** is thrown.
     The exception can be handled by using the refresh token in two ways.
         *  Use a scheduler action to request a new access token before the token expires.
         *  Once the exception is thrown request for a new access token.
  20. How to specify access token validity time through an API call?

     The token validity time cannot be specified. By default it is set to 1hour.
  21. Why do I get The subscription to the API is inactive Access failure for API, status code 900909. ?

         Once the application is subscribed to an API, it has to be approved from Ideabiz. Refer [Question 13]. The exception is due to pending approval.
  22. How to verify status code in the response (ex: 900901,900909,etc)?

     The Wso2 API manager (version 1.7) specific response code can be referred through wso2 documentation.
     [Visit WSO2 API Manager 1.7.0. error handling!]( https://docs.wso2.com/display/AM170/Error+Handling)
  23. What is the current version of Wso2 API manager used?

     Version 1.7.0 [Visit WSO2 API Manager 1.7.0. !]( 1.7.0 https://docs.wso2.com/display/AM170/About+API+Manager)
  24. What is MSISDN number?

      It is used to identify a mobile phone number internationally.
  25. Getting inactive token error

     recreate new token and send API call
  26. Getting inactive subscription error

    contact ideabiz team to get subscription activated
  27. Getting application not found error in Payment, SMS or subscription API

    contact ideabiz team to complete your API configurations
  28. Getting number not whitelisted error

    You need to subscribe specific number in your app. for that use any subscription method
  29. How long is the token validity period

    Token is only valid for 1hour by default
  30. How application manage rental charging

    Application need to handle daily or monthly charging cycles with payment API
  31. What should you do when user removes subscription from app(Unsubscribes)

    You need to call Subscription API and send Unsubscription API call
  32. How many subscriptionn can an app have

    Any number of subscribers
  33. How you get reports for API usage

    Request via ideabiz support contact. team will get back to you with neccesary reports
  34. Can i change account password

    No. you need to contact support team
  35. Default API response timeout time

    Our proxy maximum response time is 15sec
  36. Setting your SMS, USSD, Subscription Admin API endpoints

    You need to host that endpoint on 80,443, 8080 or 8280 ports. otherwise team needs two weeks to configure firewall rules
  37. if connection failed or proxy timeout

    Please retry if its SMS or subscription API.
    for payment, please ask team to enable retry payment. so you can send same charging request and it will avoid charging the user twice
  38. What is callback url in Application Tab

    Currently we are not using it
  39. Sending sms to any operator

    yes, we can allow you to send to any local number or foreign numbers
    For local numbers, you can use any  mask like "MyCompany". but foreign, you need to provide a sim under your company
  40. Receiving sms

    You can receive sms to short number for Dialog network (eg : 87711)
    if you need to receive sms from other operators, you need get a sim under your name and transfer it to Ideabiz.
Last updated on 14th Oct 2019