This API will Deduct the mentioned charge from referenced encrypted Jason encoded mobile number .

Request Information

API Name Securely Send SMs to subscribers with encrypted MSISDNs
Resource URI<port>/
Request header Content-Type: text/plain
Authorization: Bearer [access token]
Content-Type: application/json
Accept: text/plain
Body {
" msg":"test SMS",
" app_id":"dialog_cc"
URI Parameters Port : Ex:- “Dialog”, “5555” , “89867”

Note: when selecting a port, the API users must register the requesting PORT on ECN (OCS - GITCC) and SMSC (VAS) and get the relevant app_id. If not registered, this API won’t deliver the SMS through requested port.

Request Parameters

Parameter Name Description Type Mandatory/Optional
msisdn This must be encrypted MSISDN with URL encoded with 94 (Ex –“vl%1D%A3%F5%AB%E2%A7%C2%A8%FA”) String Mandatory
msg Message Content String Mandatory

Response Information

Response Securely Send SMS – POST a SM with encrypted MSISDN
HTTP header 201 – OK, SMS Send Successful
400 – Bad request
500 – System error
Response null

Response Parameters

Parameter Name Description Type


Last updated on 14th Sep 2016