Generate Tokens

  • Go to My Subscriptions

    • Select Your Application in the drop down list under Application with Subscription
    • Under the Keys-Production generate your keys and tokens

      * Consumer Key & Consumer Secret - Using these credentials you can create the Access token which you need to initiate API calls. 
      * Access Token - This will be a Unique ID for your Application which will provide acsess to API's
      * Refresh token - Token which can be used after current accses token expires,(in 1h by default) to generate new valid access token.
  • Once you have received the Access Token which will expire in 1 hour. Inorder to get the new Access Token Click Create Refresh Token or Visit Ideabiz Tools

  • Create Authorization Code with Base64 Encode using Consumer key & Consumer Secret as follows
    • Visit Base64 Encode
    • Add Consumer Key:Consumer Secret and encode in Base64 (Eg - yYHg657Hbshsnadnsh:uahH&GASJ87380208Hgah)
    • The encoded key will be your Authentication Code for the API calls

Next Step

Last updated on 14th Oct 2019