Multimedia Messaging Service (v1)



Multimedia Messaging Service API consists with two APIs. First API is to upload an image for a campaign. The Second API is to provide other details required for campaign execution. Please note that external party should call the Second API only on success of First API call.


The following REST methods are available:

  • Image Upload API
  • Campaign Details API


Authorization API Calls
All API call requests to require Authorization headers. Please refer the Token Management ( document for Authorization.

Request Header

Content-Type: application/json 
Authorization: Bearer [access token] 
Accept: application/json

Sample Request Header

Content-Type: application/json 
Authorization: Bearer a92ba8hjgjhgjh3fa1609cabcd79
Accept: application/json

Image Upload API



POST form-data

Request Body

Have to pass as form-data

Parameter Type Mandatory/ Optional
file JPG, PNG or GIF file Mandatory
username String Mandatory
password String Mandatory

Response Body

 "status" : "success", 
 "imageName" : "application generated image name"

Error Responses

         "status" : "failed", 
         "imageName" : "" 

Campaign Details API




Request Body

  "username": "username", 
  "password": "password", 
  "campaignType": 2, 
  "campaignName": "test campaign 1", 
  "sourceAddress": "Adeona", 
  "scheduleTime":"2019-12-09 16:25:06", 
  "campaignExpiryTime":"2019-12-12 16:25:06", 
  "imageType": "JPG", 
  "imageName": "test.jpg", 
  "subject": "Test subject", 
  "text":"Message body", 
  "richMessageExpiryTime":"2019-12-11 16:25:06", 
  "smsOnRichMsgExpiry":"Test message" 
  "msisdns": [ 
      "msisdn": "94768761500" 
      "msisdn": "94766691500" 

Given below are the Request parameters of the Campaign Details API.

Parameter Description Type Mandatory/ Optional
username Username String Mandatory
password Password String Mandatory
campaignType Campaign type Integer 0 – SMS campaigns, 1 – SMS campaigns UNICODE, 2 – Rich message Mandatory
campaignName Campaign Name String Mandatory
sourceAddress Masking String Mandatory
scheduleTime Campaign execution time String “yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss” Mandatory
callBackUrl Call back URL to get the delivery status individual customer String Optional
richMessage → imageType Image Type. I.e. JPG, PNG, GIF String Mandatory
richMessage → imageName Image name received as the response of image upload API String Mandatory
richMessage → subject Subject of the rich message String Optional
richMessage → text Message body String Optional
richMessage → richMessageExpiryTime Expiry time of rich message String Optional
richMessage → sendSmsOnRichMsgExpiry Is it need to send a SMS if rich message isn’t delivered within rich message expiry time Boolean Optional
richMessage → smsOnRichMsgExpiry SMS to be sent if rich message failedv String Optional
messageSchedule → numberOfCustomersPerDay Number of messages need to be sent per day Int Set to 0 if no restriction to apply Mandatory
messageSchedule → dispatchTimeEveryday Every day message execution start time String Mandatory only if per day restriction imposed
msisdns→ msisdn Target customer base with 94xx String Mandatory
Last updated on 5th Feb 2020