This API will allow pre-registered users to perform debit request from any Dialog GSM, CDMA, LTE or DTV prepaid account.

At the time of user registration (Registration is a manual configuration) each user will be given a level of minimum authorization and Type of accounts allowed for debiting (GSM, CDMA, LTE or DTV prepaid)

Users are allowed to do a debit request for allowed type of accounts with upper authorization level than assigned level at the registration.

For GSM or CDMA account types the same number is used to send SMSs to get customer consent and to notify transaction detail

In the case of LTE and DTV prepaid SMSs will be sent o notify number (Only Dialog will be allowed, if notify number is other operator number continue to debit without notify or customer consent??)

Customer consent should be given within one minute from SMS dispatch to proceeds debit request, otherwise request is rejected.

In the request user can instruct to apply or not to apply taxes on the charge amount. If user haven mentioned it in the request taxes will be added to the amount by default

Authorization API calls

All API call request to required Authorization headers. Please refer ( for Authorization

API Name DebitFromAnyAccount
Resource URI https:// ideabiz .lk/apicall/accountdebit/v1/ACCOUNT

Request Parameters

Parameter Name Description Type
ACCOUNT The requested account number[Mandatory]
GSM/CDMA/LTE or DTV prepaid account number
BILLERID USER ID given to pre registered billers [Mandatory]
AUTHFLAG Level of Authentication requested by user
o 1 - no authentication, just charge bill and don’t notify
o 2 - no authentication, but notify
o 3 - get customer consent via onetime SMS token
AMOUNT Debit amount in Rupees [Mandatory] Integer
RC(Reason Code) Reason Code [Mandatory] Integer
TAXTYPE Whether to charge Tax or NOT [Optional]
o 1 - TL + Cess
o 2 - TL + Cess + VAT + NBT
o 3 - VAT + NBT
o 4 - Insurance TAX
o 5 - TAX % to be sent by the service
TAX Tax percentage to apply on amount. [Optional]
Valid only when TAXTYPE is 5
TRID Unique transaction ID. This will be communicated to customer in the authentication SMS. String

Response Information

HTTP status 201 Debit successful
401 Un-authorized
409 Error while processing
500 Internal Error
402 Balance insufficient
Response {
"resDesc": " Un-authorized "

ResCode is same as the HTTP Status. When HTTP status is 204 there is no Content
Last updated on 4th Apr 2017