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Dialog "securemanagesubscription" API allows you to manage OCS offers (products).This service can be accessed via RESTful web services. Encrypted and non-encrypted MSISDNs are supported.

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For the purposes of the present document, the following abbreviations apply:

Term Description
OCS Online Charging System
CCRM Converged Customer Relationship Management
CRM Customer Relationship Management
SMS Short Message Service
API Application interface
  1. 1Securemanagesubscription

This API will allows to subscribe/un-subscribe OCS offer (product) for the given MSISDN.

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1. 9.1.1Request Information
API Name Securely activate/deactivate OCS offers subscribers with encrypted/non �encrypted MSISDNs
Resource URI{act,dact}
Request header Content-Type: text/plainAuthorization: Bearer [access token]Content-Type: application/jsonAccept: text/plain
Body { "msisdn" : "vl%1D%A3%F5%AB%E2%A7%C2%A8%FA", "offer_id" : "20330", "rent" : "10.5", "app_id" : "ID_WEB_1", "expire_time" : "20160113150000", "channel" : "WEB"}
URI Parameters Command : Values "act" ,"dact"

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1. 9.1.2Request Parameters
Parameter Name Description Type Mandatory/Optional
msisdn Subscriber number Ex:- 777123456 or "vl%1D%A3%F5%AB%E2%A7%C2%A8%FA" String Mandatory
offer_id This should specify the offer ID which need to activate or deactivate String Mandatory
rent Required rental, this is related to the offer_id provided String Optional
app_id Related application ID. String Optional
expire_time Expiration date and time. String Optional
channel Subscription request triggering channel String Mandatory

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1. 9.1.3Response Information
Response Securely Send SMS � POST a SM with encrypted MSISDN
HTTP header 200 � OK, Successfully Activated400 � Bad request409 - Conflict500 � System error
Response { "desc": "Operation successfully."}

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1. 9.1.4Response Parameters
Parameter Name Description Type
desc Result description string
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