Privacy Policy

Subscriber Details

  • Mobile subscriptions / connections obtained under the name of the enterprise and distributed among its employees shall be considered the property of the enterprise and the enterprise reserves the right to use such subscriptions / connections for any application purpose.

  • This platform may enable enterprises to receive information pertaining to Dialog subscribers, with the consent of such subscribers, and the enterprise and its contracted developers shall at all times respect the privacy of the subscribers and be bound to protect subscriber identity, other subscriber details, including but not limited to phone numbers, customer locations or personal information of whatever nature, and to ensure that such information is not misused, publicized or sold to other parties.

  • A subscriber should always willingly share such information with the enterprise or its contracted developer for any services provided by the IdeaBiz platform via SMS or any other means. Dialog shall not be liable in any manner for any information obtained without the consent of the subscriber.

  • The enterprise should have documents to prove the subscriber’s consent as and when required by Dialog or any other legislative or regulatory authority.

  • Notwithstanding the above, the Privacy Policy of Dialog Axiata PLC accessible at, shall be applicable in full force and effect.

Last updated on 23rd Nov 2017