Activate Internet Cards

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    2.1 Activate Internet Cards 3

    2.1.1 Request Information 3

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An API to activate internet cards is described here for both Live and Test OCS platforms.

  1. 2.Internet Card
    1. 2.1Activate Internet Cards
      1. 2.1.1Request Information
API Name Subscribe to a Product
Resource URI Live Number:<msisdn>/<Internet_card_Value>Test Number:
Request header Content-Type: application/jsonAccept: application/jsonAuthorization: Bearer cf25fd547cc93d4b5ce4d783a469ea7f

Request Parameters

Parameter Name Description Type
msisdn The requested mobile number String
Internet Card Value The Rs. Value of internet card String

Response Information

HTTP header 200 OK 406 Not acceptable (Invalid inputs) 407 Invalid system ID 408 Balance not sufficient 500 Internal Error
Response {"code": 7000"description": "OK"}

Response Parameters

Parameter Name Description Type
code Code for the error that occurred String
Description The description of the particular error that occurred String
code Description
7001 Product already subscribed
7002 System error
7003 Sorry, your request cannot be processed. You have already received the maximum allowed advanced reload amount
7004 Advance reload error
7005 Buspos error
7006 Insufficient balance
7007 Balance query successful (7007 a008980980)
7008 Product Removal fail
7010 Wrong request format
7011 CX alert Error
7013 No matching account
70077 Balance for general bal
Last updated on 26th Aug 2018