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Broadcast Mode: There are three Broadcast Modes

 Complete Broadcast: Sending broadcast messages without filtering msisdn
 MSISDN Broadcast: Sending Message to selected MSISDN
 Group Broadcast: Sending Messages to specific MSISDN Groups

Broadcast Message: You can type your message here in the limits of 145 characters.

Advance Options: In here user can configure the priority level and the Scheduled date. User can arrange Broadcasting Queue by Broadcast Priority.


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New Subscriber: You can create new Subscriber here with additional details of Name and the details of the Subscriber
Note: User need to create a group first inoder to add MSISDN to the group

Subscription File Upload: User can upload .CSV file of MSISDN under the action of SUBSCRPTION or UNSUBSCRIPTION


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User can create new groups and user allowed to Sub groups to Parent Groups

Last updated on 14th Oct 2019