Query Active Roaming Services



This API is used to get customer's active roaming package details against mobile number.


The following REST methods are available:



Request Header

Content-Type: application/json 
Authorization: Bearer [access token] 
Accept: application/json


This API is used to get customer's active roaming package details. The API will return comma separated roaming package list, credit type, connection type and communication language and status against a mobile number.


Following is a sample request of send service:



URI Parameters

Parameter Name Description Data Type Possible Value
applicationName Name of the MIFE application String CamGeneralMS
requestedUser Requested user String Test_User




Not applicable

Request Parameters

Parameter Name Description Data Type Mandatory/Optional Possible Value
mobileNo The mobile number of the user String Mandatory 773596360


Following is a sample response of send service:


"requestStatus": "OK",

"creditType": "COR",

"activeRoamingList": "I\_AIRA\_AIR,DATA\_ROAM",

"connectionType": "POSTPAID",

"communicationLanguage": "ENG",

"status": "OK"


Error scenario:


    "requestStatus" : "LOGIC\_FAILURE",

"errorMsg" : "The Network Adapter could not establish the connection"


Response parameters

Parameter Name Description Data Type Mandatory/Optional Example
requestStatus Response status of the API request. Returns OK for success, VALIDATION_ERROR for incorrect request parameter, LOGIC_FAILURE for internal logic failure and UNHANDLE_ERROR for system failure String Mandatory OK
creditType Credit type of the user String Optional COR,GSM,VVP
activeRoamingList The comma separated list of active roaming packages String Optional I_AIRA_AIR,DATA_ROAM
connectionType Connection type of the user. This can be PREPAID or POSTPAID String Optional POSTPAID, PREPAID
communicationLanguage Communication language of the user String Optional ENG
status Status of the response String Optional OK, NOT_OK
errorMsg Detailed description of the request failure String Optional The network adapter could not establish the connection

Response Codes

200, 400, 401, 403, 404, 405, 500, 503

  • 200 , Success!
  • 400 , Bad request; check the error message for details
  • 401 , Authentication failure, check your authentication details
  • 403 , Forbidden; please provide authentication credentials
  • 404 , Not found: mistake in the host or path of the service URI
  • 405 , Method not supported: for example you mistakenly used a HTTP GET instead of a POST
  • 500 , The server encountered an unexpected condition. This could be wrong authentication details or limited user permission
  • 503 , Server busy and service unavailable. Please retry the request
Last updated on 15th Oct 2019